Saturday, April 27, 2013

X = eXecerable Uh, I mean XANADU!

I personally believe that this is the movie that brought movie musicals into such disrepute that they went away for a while.  


Gene Kelly made an appearance, which I am sure he bitterly regretted with every fiber of his being, though at an advanced age, wearing roller skates, Mr. Kelly still out-danced every other buskin-wearer who stumbled across the stage. 

But the finale really was a hum-dinger. 
Would you have thought that the Ancient Greek Muses were a pack of fluffy-haired disco babes?  On roller skates?  With neon auras?  Wearing knee-length bloomers under their dresses?

Me neither.

(I imagine them at the walls of Troy.  Uh...  No.)

Click at your own peril....


  1. Always the voice of humorous reason, Al! It was good...