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Monday, January 28, 2013

My unfortunate failing...

Since I am participating in the very enjoyable 'Reintroducing myself Blogfest', I thought I'd give fair warning of one of my foibles...

I really don't like to tell people to get lost. It's unkind. It causes bad feelings, hurt feelings. Why be nasty when you can leave them smiling? Or scratching their head?

Here's what I mean:

My phone rang about a month ago:

Caller: I am from XYZ Computer Security. Have strange things happened while you were online? (The script requires that I say, why, yes - something did is it bad? I sign on, give access, they sell a bogus, expensive security system, if nothing worse.)

Myself: Why, yes - yes, it did!

Caller: We can help you! Open your computer and we will look -

Myself: You could have helped me?

Caller: We can -

Myself: If you'd only called two days ago! I s-saw the strange things - and MY COMPUTER BLEW UP AS I WATCHED! If you'd called me before then! I'd still have a computer! (sobbing loudly) I've g-got to go! I c-can't talk any more - ! G-good-bye!

They haven't called me since…