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Friday, April 26, 2013

Small Celebrations - Sunrise and a Willow Tree

I'm back...  I have been terribly busy, and have shamefully neglected this delightful blog hop that seems to put a good perspective on things.  I could list the things that have been keeping me (happily) busy.  But instead I am celebrating the view from my window.

My usual seat faces west, looking up a hill.  The morning sun spills upward across the land, touching the maple trees that march up the incline.  Right now the light is thick and golden, as it is most mornings when you can see the sun.

We lost a big old maple a couple years ago, and it left a hole in my view.  I planted a weeping willow.  It's little yet, since I only planted it last year, and right now it's drooping.  I will be re-installing the supports.  But that little willow holds memories of my great-aunt's beautiful old willow in Vermont, and memories of her garden come back.  It's always a lovely way to start a morning, and I'm celebrating the memories and the view.


  1. I am sure many missed you on this blog-hop--but, just like me, followed your interesting journey through the alphabet in song (and dance???).

    A morning view into nature is a precious thing--especially for those of us city dwellers who formerly had to stare at the wall next door.

    I celebrate GREEN Pastures joyously with you!

  2. A weeping willow, how lovely.

  3. Ooh that hill, what a pretty view!
    Awww the little willow, adorable, but fix it! lol

    Have a great weekend ;)

  4. Memories are great things to celebrate! So are gorgeous views!

  5. My husband planted several willow trees around out little pond several years ago. And now that is one of my most delightful views in our yard!