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Thursday, May 9, 2013

To Err is Human. To Really Foul Up...

Finish the sentence...

(Hint:  ...Requires a Computer...)

It is very true.

I was up till 1AM last night updating A Killing Among the Dead (which, by the way, is free today through Saturday on Amazon - Grab a copy HERE   It's part of my wind-up for the release of Mourningtide  at the end of the month.  Next week I'll be interviewing the Main Character.  Should be interesting: he's a King) and I started getting messages from my computer - amazing how smug they sound, too -

We Cannot Display The Website...

(...and you know darned well that they are adding the inaudible rider You Blithering Idiot...  )

WHAT???  (I am never at my best at 1AM)  I have everything done right!  Can't you READ CODE???

It seems to be resolving without my having to resort to hurling my laptop out the window, but at the moment a cruise to the South Pacific might just be what I need to chill out.

What was I doing?  Adjusting the cover graphics for my book. 

Here it is.

(Sigh.  And to think I consider writing relaxing and graphics work energizing...)

Have a wonderful day, folks!


  1. Diana, don't stay up so late!
    As always, in the end, your graphics win...oh, and do take that cruise--or something relaxing. You've been working like a demon lately...looking forward to Mourningtide.

    1. Bless you, Inge! You are quite right. Tonight it's early to bed!

  2. Glad you got it all straightened out!

  3. Yes, the frustrations of self-publishing! I've stayed up til 5 am trying to get the smashwords manuscript right for their premium service once or twice. :)

    Congrats on your book! I've just downloaded it. I've got a couple of books ahead of yours, but will get to it, and will look forward to giving my review. Writer’s Mark

    1. The problem with running flat-out is that I, at least, get frazzled and forget the courtesies such as responding to this very nice comment. I have been eyeing Smashwords with trepidation. Fortunately, I'm on KDP select for the moment, but I've heard stories...

  4. Stunning cover! Really! It is breathtaking. I really wish I had Kindle but you know my fridge saga. And as for computers... Last week someone informed me that any time they typed in the URL to my blog they were whisked away to a Bible study page. What? I couldn't even try to figure it out. Guess I can only hope future queried agents will know it's a mistake?
    But enough of my blarney, you go girl! The book is drop-dead gorgious. (Oh--a pun!)
    ~Just Jill

    1. I could say 'but it's available in paperback, too!',except that the cost factor does get involved. I have not, by the way, run into the problem with your URL. I will let you know if I do. Annoying!