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Monday, May 13, 2013

Re-Release of Pharaoh's Son

I am delighted to announce that the revised edition of Pharaoh's Son is now up and running on Kindle.  It will be available in paperback later this week.

Years ago, I saw a photo of a huge (40 ft high) statue that had stood before a large building in what had once been the imperial city of Memphis, now ruined.  It had fallen over.  I looked it and thought 'I wonder what it was like when that monolith went over...'  And that is how Pharaoh's Son came about.

Anyone who writes know how story lines seem to go on.  In this case, other stories, taking place before and after Pharaoh's Son, occurred to me, and I now have a series that I call The Memphis Cycle because of their connection to the city.  I was writing along a timeline, and facts of that timeline, that I had not yet developed when Pharaoh's Son first was written, were missing from that book.

I am releasing the second book in the Memphis Cycle at the end of this month.  In addition to redesigning the covers for the series, I took time to review and rewrite portions of Pharaoh's Son to bring it into line with the rest of cycle.

..and it is now out on Kindle.

Here's the link:

*Phew!  Now to release Mourningtide.


  1. Oh, congrats on your re-release! It's nice to be able to incorporate a little more history--rounds it all out, I think.

    1. Thanks, Hart! It's a good feeling to have things lined up. (fun, too...)

  2. Hi Diana. Just wanted to wish you well on the new release!! Love this period of history.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I love reading about people over time - they are so unchanged, and yet so different. (rather like the glimpses you get in stereoscopic slides...) :)