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Monday, May 20, 2013

I confess it: I am an Idiot.

I am sitting on pins and needles because I am due to receive a delivery this afternoon.
What is it?  Well, a box with three paperback books in it.
I can't wait.  I really am excited about this.

...and there is where I am truly an idiot.

You see, I wrote this book.  I copyrighted it and sent it out on submissions a long time ago.  It is one of the reasons that I was sidelined from doing any sort of submissions to agents for...let me see...seventeen years. (It's a long story and involves a villain who is not representative of agents as a group.)  I did continue writing...

I published it in May of 2011, pulled it last month for an overhaul to bring it in line with the other books of my series called 'The Memphis Cycle', and have re-released it.

I know this book.  I love it, actually.  Writing it was a joy, and it hurt to have it sidelined with the other works the villain touched.  I self-published it, finally, because I just didn't have the heart to go through the cycle again.  (My heart has come back, by the way.)  I can recite huge stretches of it from memory.

"Any breath of that kind of talk and I'll assign you a tour of duty in Mirgissa!  And you KNOW I have the power!"'

The rewrite is a sort of prep for the issue of its prequel.

...and I ordered myself some copies to gloat over.

I am, as I said, an idiot...


  1. No idiot anywhere in sight! You have earned yourself a good, nay, a great gloat! Especially for not giving up on one of your best writings-even if it took seventeen years. I know the feeling of having fallen for a less than honest agent only too well...
    Now, go and curl up with one of your tasty cups of tea--and marvel of how you came up with all those ideas.

  2. Same way you do, Inge! Join me in some tea - or, perhaps, a glass of Tokay? And some sachertorte!