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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I'm back from Labor Day weekend.  It is my mother's first time back in the cottage since my father died.  I think she faced memories, some very good, some difficult (he had his stroke there).  It was reassuring to know that life does move on, and the memories that remain, left by a very good man, turned out to be happy ones.

I brought my phone with me, of course, and sitting in the living room and looking out over the lake as a flotilla of Canada geese moved across the water in the early morning light, I realized that I had watched that sight thousands of times over the years. 

I switched on my phone, went quietly out to the balcony, and took the photo.

Labor Day Sunrise at Keuka Lake, New York

It needs a splash from the large lake trout or largemouth bass that jumps in the morning, but it will do.  The line of geese in the dawn, the reflection of the breaking clouds on the water...   (The sun is rising beyond the right edge of the photo.)

I am going to do more of this, and take mental snapshots, as well.


  1. Hi Diana .. so pleased your mother could go home and she had you with her for these early days ..

    Wonderful view - and I'm sure just being with her space will make such a difference to her ... gorgeous looking area ..

    With thoughts - Hilary

  2. It's the best time of day on a lake. Lucky you, being there to witness it.

  3. Lovely picture! Glad you had a nice weekend--hopefully it is the start of many more at the cottage!