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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Little Visual Refreshment...

I'm back from Maine with two photos to refresh everyone:

What is lovelier than a schooner on a sparkling sea in late afternoon?

And then, along the seaside walk, this view:

Seaside Rock Sculptures

 Note the rock sculpture in the middle left of this photo.  They appeared all along this stretch.  I found myself wondering how they were anchored - a re-bar down through the center, maybe?   Who knows?

I have scads more to go through.  It will take a while, though, since I put my camera's shutter on 'automatic' while photographing the surf against the rocks.  I suspect I'll be doing a lot of deleting...


  1. Lovely pictures! Looks like a great trip :)

  2. Hi Diana .. great photos - but sounds like zillions to go through .. still the ones you keep look like they will be so worth it. Gorgeous scenery .. and those rocks are amazing - such balance and probably some piece of nature's cleverness ...

    Glad you enjoyed the Petrie post - I'd intended to link across but was in a rush to get up to the Welsh borders .. some mileage away ..

    Cheers Hilary