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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fiddling With Covers

...or a Cover Reveal of sorts...

This is a pair of stories set in 1830's Paris.  I had previously published the first one under a pen name (Anne Shaughnessy) because while they are historic fiction and include a mystery, like my Egyptian stories, they are in a different setting.

After thinking things through, (and reading some blog posts on the subject) I decided to own the first book and publish the second under my name.  Today is the first day that Book 1 in its new form is available on Kindle.  I am waiting to approve the printed proof, but unless I discover something shocking, the print version will be available by week's end.

I just finished a Goodreads giveaway with the book listed under my Nom De Plume.  It shouldn't be hard to consolidate the two accounts (Goodreads requires a separate Author's Page for each published name). 

They are showing up a little dark on this page. The book on the left is royal blue (the background is blue velvet). The right side one is wine-colored, but not so dark. I may re-upload the images.

...And I just got my first honest to goodness 'borrow' on Book #1.  Not too shabby...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! From the Queen of Photos, that's great praise!

  2. These look amazing! Incredibly professional and eye catching!

  3. Oooo, nice looks! I like how good they look together, too.

  4. Lara, Meradeth and Liz -

    It means a lot to get praise from someone other than your mother or coworkers. I know we have to please ourselves, but it's good to have someone else saying "Hm. Not too bad, actually..."



  5. Those are both great looking covers!

  6. Hi Diana .. the covers look 17th century and then French Revolution time .. but evocative of their story ..

    ... and definitely different from the Egyptian ones ..

    Clever - something I need to learn .. cheers Hilary