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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thought for the Moment: Discipline

A sometimes unwelcome truth...
I stumbled upon this image while thumbing through various ones trying to find something for a book cover design I was working on.  It made me pause and think.

Slow and steady wins the race…haste makes waste…Measure twice and cut once…

They all refer to our need to refuse instant gratification.  To allow the wine to age, to permit the flowers to grow, to let a relationship deepen.  In my case, referring to my writing, it was very hard not to give in and shoot for that ‘Holiday Release’ when I knew jolly well that the book simply was not ready.

I’m older than I was (ten minutes older right now than when I started jotting my thoughts for this post) and I have learned a thing or two despite my best efforts to the contrary.  Around late September of this year I sat back, looked at my ‘Holiday Release’, lowered my head and advised all who were concerned with the book that it simply was  not ready, and needed to be pushed back at least four months.  Everyone was charming about it, and while I still felt the itch to get that wonderful book cover I’d put together out to be seen, I knew I had done the right thing.

Guess what?  I really had done the right thing.

·     The book cover was scrapped and a far better one designed.

·     With the pressure off, I found that the storyline itself was deepening, growing more complex and tighter, and setting up for a really good (I think) finish in the third volume of the series…

·     …which, incidentally, was being pushed toward finishing by my work on the second volume.

The entire effort is far better than it was in September.  And once again I have to concede that impatience is best restrained and time, in matters of creation, is generally an ally.



  1. Wow, good on you, Diana! I'm in a similar position. I had made the goal (last New Year's Eve actually) to get my book out by Christmas and I'd shared that aim with the good folk on my mailing list too. So, a month or so ago, I realized there was no way I could get the book ready in time for Christmas and I had confess in the next newsletter that I wasn't going to achieve my aim. A hard thing to do but at the same time, as you say, it has to be done! :-)

  2. Wise words, if not always easy. Sometimes I feel the need for patience RIGHT NOW.

  3. Diana, we need you to join our Bloghop on Dec. 22 - tell us your favorite Christmas memory, as only Diana Wilder could!

  4. Well done, you. Difficult choices are the toughest, but when made correctly provide the best outcomes. Way to go.

  5. Good for you Diana!! Now you can breath a sigh of relief! Merry Christmas

  6. Hi Diane .. an essential lesson in life ... I don't usually dash into things ... but we all do at times don't we ... well done and am glad things all worked out - cheers Hilary