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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Insecure Writers Support Group, January 8, 2014 (Death? Or a Synopsis?)

Today is the first second Wednesday of the month, which means it is IWSG day. The once-a-month blog hop started by Alec Cavanaugh . IWSG = Insecure Writers' Support Group (click the words to visit)

We share our insecurities and support each other with empathy, sympathy or practical suggestions. 
The Dying Writer (Cats hiding behind Robert Taylor)

I have been hors de combat due to Christmas, New Years and, at this moment, the most comprehensive bout of bronchitis that I have had in the past ten years.  That in and of itself has me insecure about the necessity of continuing in this vale of toil and tears, and the prospect of taking all the various copies of my books and tossing them in the fireplace and expiring on the couch in a suitably dramatic fashion is beginning to appeal to me.  Of course, I'd only be burning the paperback copies, and when I went to expire on the couch (a la Greta Garbo as Camille)two cats would jump on me and sniff my nose, making me sneeze.

I would start laughing and all would be for naught.  I would get up, read and respond to all the comments made by kind people who have not given up on me.

I do have a genuine bit of insecurity to share, however, and it is one that most people can at least sympathize with: 

I am putting the final touches on a synopsis, which I want to submit to a publisher, and which a very kind friend has agreed to pass on.  I am having a horrid time taking the elements and boiling them down into a 2 page (max) synopsis.  I have some grasp of it.  I think (bronchitis and a headache is impeding my thought process) but it is truly wretched, the book is truly wretched, I am truly wretched, and that divan, complete with Robert Taylor of that age and build, is sounding better and better.  How on earth does anyone do it?

I'm off to slog, cough, go to the doctor, and drink tea.

Visit the other blogs on this wonderful hop.  I guarantee, the other bloggers have a lot more to say, and a lot more on point.  (Cough!)


  1. Oh, poor Diana. You need a warm hug and some Sachertorte! I just hope it wasn't your being exposed to my Devil Winds that brought on this horrible bout of a cold.
    Wishes and thoughts are with you. Now, bundle up, stay home and have those 'whiskers' keep you smiling.

    1. They are definitely making me smile! Your Devil Winds kept me interested. Thank you for stopping liebe Dame!

  2. Oh, I just had to laugh at your Greta Garbo impersonation! I've had a nasty cold this week, too, and it's amazing how truly dramatic it can feel. If only I had a chaise lounge and a handsome, be-tuxedoed costar!!

    As for the synopsis.... ugh. Good luck. They're horrible, aren't they? The only way i got through writing one was by reminding myself, over and over, that they're not SUPPOSED to be good. Quick, full of action, and informative, yes, but not much else. I do know, though, that you and this book are by no means wretched! Hang in there!

  3. My best advice for synopsis writing is wait until you're feeling a little bit better. Every time I try to write under-the-weather I go back and look at my work and find it always a little fever-induced, regardless of whether I had a fever. Hugs. And here's to feeling better in the New Year!

  4. Oh, no! I hope you feel better soon! Life is always better when you're not sick.

  5. If you expire, make sure it's as dramatic as possible. But seriously, I hope you get over your bronchitis mighty fast. Never fun.

  6. I hope you're feeling better soon, and I'm sure your positivity and optimism will return for you to finish your synopsis and get it submitted.

  7. Good luck on your synopsis. That's very exciting. Once you finish it and send it off drink a stiff hot toddy then sleep for a week. ;) I hope you feel better. It's that time of year.

  8. Isn't it terrible that you have to boil down a huge novel into few paragraphs. It is just to torture us, I am sure. Get better and THEN focus on that synopsis.

    Leanne ( http://readfaced.wordpress.com/ )

  9. I hope you feel better soon! Please don't burn your books! :)

  10. Oh my goodness, I hope you feel better soon. Best of luck with the synopsis as well, hugs!

  11. Hi Diana .. hope that bronchitis is easing up - just look after it and make sure it goes completely ... oh the ups and downs of feeling 'frot' ... and a warm couch and zizz sounds good - but there's work to be done ...

    Good for you - the synopsis will come together .. enjoy 2014 - Hilary