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Friday, October 4, 2013

Small Celebrations, October 4, 2013

Today is Friday, time to celebrate the small things or, if you like, to invite others to join us in celebrating our small things.  There's a linky list at the bottom of this post: why don't you look around, enjoy the celebrations and – maybe?  - sign up yourself. VikLit is a wonderful hostess and we have lots of fun.

I am currently enjoying and celebrating a nice, hot cup of tea with milk, my morning drink of choice.  It truly helps get the day going, and I like it strong:

Today I'm celebrating my favorite season – Autumn – and the various views I enjoy driving to work or just walking through my neighborhood.

On a more mundane front, I'm celebrating my new book cover (the old one was somewhat lacking) and the fact that I'm working on a story I've loved for years but had on the shelf for a long time:

Old cover:

New Cover: 

…And it's a weekend, or will be, and I'll be visiting my mother and helping her to shop for cars.  Something else to celebrate: she is a ladylike Holy Terror to car salesmen who think they can take advantage of elderly widows!



  1. I love autumn too! Your pic is gorgeous. I like to new cover,draws to eye. And shame to people who take advantage of the elderly, it also happened with my mom at the DMV! Have a wonderful weekend, Diana.

  2. Wow!
    What a breathtaking picture. I love it ;)

  3. Nice covers, and the story and period sounds so promising. Can't wait to hear more. Enjoy those autumn walks...the colors really are gorgeous!

  4. Good for your mom! :) The cover does call more to the imagination. And I have to say, what a gorgeous picture of the various autumn hues. Writer’s Mark

  5. The new cover is way nicer, Diana! Beautiful! But wow, that photo???? GORGEOUS. That belongs on the wall in a gorgeous frame, all the better to enjoy in the dead of January.

  6. what a great picture! Just started with the celebrating the small things - blogging, and I love the blogs (like yours) that I am running into - have a great day

  7. Fall is my favorite season as well--that's a gorgeous picture!

    Congrats on the new book cover--it looks great! :)

  8. Go get 'em Diana's mama!

    Great cover and yay autumn!!

  9. Hi Diana .. gosh you will have had a fun time with those car salesmen over the weekend - hope a successful purchase was accomplished.

    I'd rather it was Spring with Summer following! But the autumn colours are wonderful and we've had the most glorious day here .. warm and sunny - lucky us.

    Cheers to you - enjoy those drives through the russet leaves ... Hilary

  10. Great new cover, and a pen name? *gasp* You know, I love this Friday meme, but I'm such a rebel I never sign up for these things. Fear of commitment? Maybe. Unwillingness to commit to something I'll probably stress out about? Definitely.

    Love the Autumn pictures. *sigh* Ah, the sights we miss in Florida...

  11. I love that gorgeous fall picture! Autumn is my favorite season, too!

  12. YES! I love that autumn picture! It's making me want to abandon the computer and go for a hike.... I'll celebrate that!