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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catching up on Awards - Sunshine from Sharon Himsl

This is the second installment on my reparations for my (unwitting) rudeness in not responding to blog awards in a timely fashion.  In this case, Sharon Himsl of Shells, Tails and Snails awarded me the Sunshine award and in her usual kindly fashion said no one had to reply.

Sharon writes a fascinating blog with her own experiences and impressions (and nice photographs, such as those in her recent post about riding a combine).  She also features posts about the progress of the Hospital Ship The Africa Mercy.  She was kind enough to give me a Sunshine on May 23, 2013.  She said there was no rush, but I hadn't meant to be quite so leisurely.  Now I have a breather and, with an apology to her, I am posting my response.
You really should visit her blog.  I liked it when I stumbled across it.  I really enjoyed her participation in the A to Z blogfest.  Her theme was Stereopticon photos, and she had quite a collection.  Each entry in the hop was enjoyable and smile-making. 
Do check her out.  She is enjoyable, eloquent, fun and beautiful.

 So here are the rules:

--Feature a picture of this award in a post on your blog.
--Answer 10 random questions about yourself.
--Nominate 10 other bloggers. Be sure to link to their blogs and let them know. 

Ten Questions:

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I saw some blogs, thought it would be fun, and, being at loose ends, jumped in.  It was mostly for myself, since I had no idea how to network.  It is, to me, rather like jotting in a journal – except that you have the charming feel of someone you like reading over your shoulder and smiling.

2. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Desperation?  No, too flippant.  Not sure what to name it, but needed a name.  It occurred to me that I was just chattering on about things, so I chose the name. 

3. What is your favorite blog to read?
Hm.  Maybe it would be easier to say what is my favorite TYPE of blog.  I like the ones where it's as though I'm sitting with someone and chatting or, perhaps, sitting back, watching and smiling as they talk about whatever interests them.  No posturing, just enjoyment. 

4. Tell us about your dream job:
I would love some sort of job where I did a lot of traveling (on a train or a ship, say) observing things and jotting things down and then writing a sort of travelogue.  The job would take up perhaps four hours a day, leaving me plenty of time to write. 

5. Is your glass half-full or half-empty?
Half full.   It's so much more satisfying to see things that way. 

6. If you could go anywhere for a week's vacation, where would you go?
Just a week? Hm.  Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  It would be in June.  My first view of the Maine seacoast – my first REAL view – was there.  I was running an errand for my mother that took me there, to a gift shop to pick up a present.  It was about 1PM, I was hungry, and I went into the little town in search of food.  A restaurant there – the Seagull, perhaps? – was before me.  I went in.  Did I want to sit on the terrace?  Certainly – such a lovely day.  I was escorted to my table on the breezy terrace, disposed my various bags, straightened, took a sip of iced tea, lifted my head – 

It was 1:30 on a June day.  A light breeze was pushing my hair across my face.  I pushed it aside, turned into the wind – and stopped, my breath frozen in my throat, as I gazed upon a rocky coast with small outcroppings of islands sitting in a sea of diamonds.  A three-masted schooner was heeling over; a cloud of smaller boats were beyond it.  I had never seen anything so beautiful.  I gazed and gazed until it seemed as though my sight was full of sun-sparkles on green water.

I'd go there for a week any time. 

7. What food can you positively not eat?
Tripe.  It looks nasty.  No way would I even try it!  Mopane worms ditto.  Yes, they are a great source of protein – but I'll stick with bacon and chicken.

8. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Yes.  Please.  Lots.

9. How much time do you spend blogging?
I spend as much as I can.  I'm not sure what that translates to.  I am thinking of reorganizing my blog to say that I am posting, say, on (name a date).  The thing is, I participate in the 'Small Celebrations' blog hop that VikLit started, bless her.  Then I'm on the Insecure Writer's blog hop (which has been a real help to me).  And then, of course, there's the thing that pops into my head and says 'You're gonna love me!'  I'm thinking about it. 

10. Do you watch TV and if so, what are your favorite shows?
Well, I don't have a TV now.  it's a long story.  I had one, but got tired of cable – expensive and repetitious.  So I signed up for satellite, which worked beautifully during the winter, but faltered in spring.  The service technician said, "Oh, it's no problem.  Your neighbor's full grown, beautiful, mature Norway Maple is leafing out now and interfering with the signal.  Tell him to cut the top off and your reception will be fine.  Uh, no.

When I did have TV, I loved the Star Trek spinoffs, especially those with Patrick Steward.  But I loved all of them.  And cooking shows, and HSN/QVC.  Just to watch.  The history channel had wonderful things to watch, too. 

I am supposed to link to ten other bloggers and pass this on.  As before, I am going to highlight bloggers whose blogs are enjoyable, worth reading (no matter how infrequently they post) and just plain good.  There are so many.  If you are one of those linked to, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A THING.  Just smile and take a bow.

(The photo below is my apology for posting the photo of tripe.  Be glad I didn't post a photo of Mopane worms...)

Recommended blogs (there are many, but here are a few good ones!)  If all goes well, you can go to the blog by clicking on the person's name or the name of the blog.  I hope it works; Blogger seems to dislike me this morning.

S. K. Anthony   is an enjoyable and lively person with a lot of depth.  She has a wonderful new book coming out (the cover alone is ravishing!) and she is great fun to follow.  Check her out!

Susan Kaye Quinn is self-published, loving it, enjoying it, and happy to share (free) her experiences.  Very enjoyable! (and lots of good information, too...) 

Randy Tatano is enjoyable, on a journey, with a delicious turn of phrase.  I 'met' him on a message board for a competition, and I was favorably impressed with him. 

Vivacious, talented, unexpectedly 'deep' and a person of substance  and of quality with a lot of (good) things to say, Nancy LaRonda Johnson:   

City Muse Country Muse  I stumbled upon this blog unexpectedly. Varied, enjoyable, kindly-inclined.  It is refreshing and beautiful. (Photos are great!) 

Jill Haugh (I had a Little Nut Tree) provides a potpourri of enjoyable offerings, all served up with a signature blend of kindliness, humor and sharp wit.  I paused once to read a review she had written of a book she had picked up, and I stuck around. 

Hart Johnson has a blog with arguably the oddest title: Confessions of a Watery Tart. 
I saw it and thought 'huh?' and looked into it.  As with the others I like, on this list, the personalities shine through, and you stand to gain much enjoyment (and possibly more tangible benefits) by sticking your head in and looking around.  

Lara Lacomb  had an A to Z theme of a Washington DC travelogue.  And she wrote it while in Texas.  She has a book coming out (sounds wonderful!) and is one of those who is always enjoyable and humorous.

Susan Flett Swiderski writes a wonderful, informative, enjoyable and laugh-worthy blog without fail.  She also writes a heck of a great book (which I am getting ready to review):  Well worth reading, and you'll be chuckling and thinking, both:  HERE'S THE BOOK
My Literary Jam and Toast  Is usually quite informative and always interesting.  I did want to throw the animated picture out the window, gut you take the good with the annoying.  Do visit this blog – very enjoyable


  1. I've never been there, but your description of Maine makes me want to go.

    Thanks so much for the award shout-out and oh-so-nice mention of my book. Now I'm sitting here smiling from ear to ear. We'll be visiting with family and friends over the next few weeks, so I'm not sure when I might get around to doing anything with the award. But I really do appreciate you thinking of me.

    1. But don't forget - all you absolutely have to do is smile, take a bow, and keep on doing what you're doing. Have fun with family and friends!

  2. Hi Diana .. thanks for these - great to know more and also to meet new bloggers .. I popped over to see Sharon's work with the Africa Mercy ship and will keep in touch with her.

    I've been a fan of Susan's for a while, as too some of the others ..

    I'm afraid awards need dusting and that's a challenge .. am just pleased to others' news on life ...

    Smile ... and more smiles .. I love that photo - what a great choice ... and tripe - I think it might be the one thing I've never managed to eat either .. though I had some friends who used to have it - and rather wish I'd been brave and tried it then ... as I eat just about everything else ..

    Cheers and great post with links .. Hilary

    1. I was trying to find a photo of tripe that didn't turn one's stomach. That was the least nauseous. The ones where the tripe had been turned into a meal were truly disgusting.
      Embarrassing to forget to thank - so I thought a showcase of various blogs that I truly enjoy, without any requirement that the blog owner do anything, would be a good solution.

  3. Hi Diana. Coming out from under a heap of distractions that have kept me from being a 'good' blogger! Still catching up and so behind on my goal for the novel it's an embarassment. THANK YOU for your kind remarks about my blog. I really appreciate your support and also enjoyed learning more about you in this post. Wow...in total agreement on the dream job. I could travel the rest of my life that way. What a lovely description of Boothbay Harbor, Maine. I was reminded of a favorite haunt of mine, Gig Harbor, WA. Hope the TV problem gets resolved. Don't think I could live without Star Trek reruns. Watching Deep Space Nine now.