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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Six Weeks

I will be releasing Mourningtide in six weeks - April 30, to be precise.  I am posting the current cover, but I have a newer design that will be posted a little closer to release.

It has been an enjoyable story to write.  I am often sad when I finish a project like this.  I will be seeing a favorite character for the last time - he appears only as a memory in the next installment.  And at the end of the next one I will be saying good-bye to my favorite character, ever.
Here is the older cover: 

Sample chapters are HERE


  1. Very pretty cover! Can't wait to see the new one! :)

  2. Hi. Congratulations! I see this is the third in a series. Too bad they are not available to Nook readers.

    1. Hi! They were once, but sales were very low (1% of Amazon sales) and Amazon rolled out their KDP select program. This one may well be on Nook with the others (again) when the sign-up period expires.

    2. Oh good, glad to hear it. Not ready to give up my Nook for a Kindle.

  3. That is exciting and looking forward to seeing the new cover design. Congrats!

    - BTW, I nominated you for the Sunshine and Blogger's Tag awards. Please check my post out. http://nancylarondajohnson.blogspot.com