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Friday, March 22, 2013

I am posting this late because I've been crazy busy.  BUT...  I love this 'hop', it's always good to be reminded of the things that make  you happy, and - I do have two things to celebrate.

First of all, I did finish Mourningtide, and the manuscript is off for a line edit.  It's funny, I've been working on this story for well over a year.  Let me see...since November 1, 2011.  I did have the idea a few decades ago and fiddled with it, but nothing substantial.  It deals with characters I have come to love, and I like the story...

...So why do I feel like a mother letting her children head off to Kindergarten and wondering if they will be happy?  Well, those are the things we deal with in life - make something, offer it to others, and it's out of your hands.  As a monk wrote at the bottom of an illuminated manuscript:

Finis!  Finis!  Finis!  Laudate Domine Finis!!

My second celebration is best expressed with this photo:

Wait for the miracle - it comes every spring!


  1. Congratulations on your manuscript! I wish I could say the same but not anywhere close now. Good for you!

  2. Thank you, Al~ But it's quality, not timing, and I'm sure yours is worth the wait!

  3. The beauty of your characters and story growing up and experiencing the world; wondering how they'll change and if they'll be the same as when you last saw them. Ain't nothing like finishing a project and putting it in others' hands. Congrats to you! And Spring is a beautiful thing as well.

    BTW, I'm celebrating my 100th follower with a giveaway.

  4. Congrats on finishing your manuscript! :)

  5. Congrats on your MS! And lovely photo!

  6. thank you, all! It's a wonderful feeling. ...and I didn't miss the 'hop' Which I have been enjoying (thank you, VikLit!)