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Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Covers

I am involved in graphic design and web maintenance (on a small scale) and I have designed my own covers. This is not to say that others couldn't do better than me. I know better. But for now...

I've been overhauling my book cover, and this day I worked on the cover for The City of Refuge.  I've wanted to redo it for some time.

The story takes place in Akhenaten's capitol city of Akhet-Aten (better known as Amarna).  It occurs twenty-five years aftr it was abandoned.  Although Akhenaten is long dead by the time of the story, his presence is definitely felt.

I had origially designed a cover using the bust of Nefertiti, but the redo has her husband Ahenaten's statue on it.  He is a presence in the story (remembered by characters).  It seems more fitting.

I'd be curious about others' thoughts:

Older cover


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  1. I definitely think the second is cleaner--more professional. You did a nice job with it.