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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Advice to Anyone who Wants to be a Writer...

I submitted some answers to an online interview by someone who has a very interesting blog relating to superheroes.  Interesting, enjoyable, lively.

One of the questions got me thinking, and I thought I'd post my answer here and expand on it.

The question had to do with advice to people being published.  Here is my answer:
Do your research and be thorough, make an informed decision and then follow it.  Don't do something because you wish you could.  I think the most important thing I could tell someone is this: Don't forget that  your writing is the product that you are trying to sell.  Your writing - not you, even though you are the writer. 
Put your ego somewhere safe and forget about it. 
Be courteous.  Be pleasant and appreciative. 
For heaven's sake, don't ever argue with someone who has taken the time to purchase a novel of yours (paperback or eBook) and then has reviewed it.  In addition to being rude, it is stupid and it is the quickest way to shoot yourself in the foot.  And the ricochets hit all the other people who are trying to do the right thing and make their way.

 One question had to do with what I found most enjoyable about writing:

My answer:
Novelists are storytellers, pure and simple.  We want to entertain with our stories, and it's the most wonderful thing to find out that we have actually succeeded.

Just a few things to consider...

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