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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Come Pass the Time with a Charming Cad! (Giveaway time!)

Inge H Borg was featured on my blog a while back HERE.  We discussed her books and I'm glad to say that you can pick up one delicious novella free on your vendor of choice.

Edward is, oh, so very British; a dreamboat of a man, especially to the well-to-do middle-aged ladies he courts. He makes their fantasies come true. Their gifts are bestowed upon him freely as they blush from brow to breast. Unbeknownst to them, however, the dapper Edward has his own dreams full of deceit and mystery. And still, they believe this conman’s stories, and willingly support him.

Take Betsy, for instance. After sipping a bit more of her heady Chardonnay, the smitten Mrs. Bunting hits upon a brilliant idea. Would he take her ill husband’s place on a prepaid Egypt tour? In a strictly platonic sense, of course.

That week, the dapper Edward Esquire, reads several guide-books on Egypt (since he told Betsy that he is familiar with Cairo). Then he buys himself a pith helmet because, somehow, Edward has weaseled his way into Borg’s “Legends of the Winged Scarab” series, where he appears no longer quite as charming.

 Inge has a delicious way with words.  You can pick up a copy on:



 and visit her blogs Here and  Here


  1. Oh, Ladies. Read about him, covet a charmer like him, let him think he's caught another big fish, but DO NOT fall for him, I beg you. He's a cad through and through - and becomes someone much worse in SIROCCO and AFTER the CATACLYSM. I am struggling what to do with this bad boy next...any ideas?
    (Thanks, Diana, for the nice plug - and don't you go falling for him either!)