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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sorting Through Boxes...

...I received quite a blast from the past.

This was lying demurely folded in a box of photographs.  It is not the first manuscript  I copyrighted. That honor goes to a Heroic Fantasy Trilogy that is so utterly silly, it will never see print.  Besides, I'd have to retype it.

This one has some sentimental and 'lessons learned' associations.  It was the first manuscript I sent around for representation, and I worked for a year with one agent (a very good one) polishing it.  Ultimately, he turned it down and I went with another agent who wanted to represent me.  www.pred-ed.com did not exist then. 

Amazing what you find in boxes.
The first copyrighted manuscript that I published was A Killing Among the DeadThat one came out in 2011.  this one (part I) was published last year.

25 years ago for the copyright on this.  And boy was it bad!

It's pretty good now, and Book II is coming along very well.  Book III is nearly ready to go this very moment.

I have the three covers designed.

...And now back to writing... (and staying away from boxes)


  1. I have a few boxes in my basement I'd be scared to sift through. They wouldn't have anything as cool in it as what you found, though.

  2. Very cool!! This makes me feel like I should print out some of my older tuff and put it in boxes just so I can discover it again at some point!!