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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group

Today is the first  Wednesday of the month, which means it is IWSG day. The once-a-month blog hop started by Alec Cavanaugh . IWSG = Insecure Writers' Support Group (click the words to visit)

We share our insecurities and support each other with empathy, sympathy or practical suggestions. 

Today is also the second day of the A to Z Blog Hop (which I am enjoying, but not participating in because I have a whole lot of other things that I have committed to including finishing an installment of a trilogy by Christmas, participating in Camp NaNo, working (my job keeps me busy) and other things.

This month I will share a graphic that expresses beautifully, at least for me, a writer's reaction to someone who:

  1. doesn't 'GET' your work.
  2. insists on saying so
  3. tells everyone you are a writer 
  4. tells everyone how many books you are selling (and they have no idea of the number)
  5. insists on sitting you down and telling you how the thing should have ended
  6. gets miffed when you take a half hour to write
  7. tells you what you should write so that you may make money
What do you do?


This is a blog hop with lots of good participation.  Go forth and read!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Diana .. yes The Scream by Munch - it says it all about so many things ..

    What do I do .. live each day as it comes, and more importantly keep on towards my dream and goals - never given up ...

    Cheers Hilary