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Monday, April 1, 2013

A - for...

AFRICA - by Toto

You hear the thudding of soft drums, an almost tinkling counterpoint, and then the words come softly:

I hear the drums echoing tonight…
But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversations…

The beat continues and the words unwind their images -

…Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti -

..and the drums continue.  Africa
I think, somehow, we all have an affinity for The Skull-Shaped Continent.  Did life come from there?  I don't know, but we all have roots in its soil, we all have images in our minds of bright clothing, of mountains or plains, deserts - all the fabulous wealth of human civilization, some of them existing in our knowledge only as memories.  Africa. 

And every time I hear Toto's song I stop and hear the drums…

Africa lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


  1. I love Africa! It sounds so soothing to me. And Toto is one of my favorite bands. (And you have captcha on. )

    1. thanks, Al 0
      It's one of those songs that make me stop whatever I'm doing and listen.

  2. Love this song! Thanks for reminding me of it! ;)

  3. Oh I haven't heard this song in ages! It's a good one for sure. :)

    A-Z participant blogging from Elise Fallson

  4. Great sound image with the drums of Africa. Have always dreamed of visiting that country. Just checking back to read your a-z posts. A new follower and enjoying your blog.