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Friday, September 12, 2014

Celebrations - September 12, 2014

Today is the Celebrations blog hop by VikLit .  Come join us: the information is below. 

Some of the best celebrations I've had or enjoyed have been those that highlight others' joys.  Today I am delighted to say that a good friend, Jerrie Brock, has a book that is free on Kindle, and it is doing very well, having reached the top 100 books free in all of Kindle after less than 24 hours.  It's a wonderful story of the way love can handle the intrusion of the past.

I interviewed Jerrie on this blog, HERE

Something Returned is the sequel:

It is, for me, a wonderful story of the resilience of love.  You can pick up a copy on Amazon.  Here is a geotargeted link for you:

Now, as far as what I, myself, am celebrating in behalf of myself. would the fact that I idiotically did NOT back up my manuscripts on a cloud drive, but did on a 16 gb flash drive, and somehow, through my own stupidity managed to destroy that drive and lose all those manuscripts and yet, through the grace of God was able to retrieve them from a source I had not expected count as a celebration?

Yes, I thought so, too.  Stupidity is not always fatal.  But this was too close a call.

Champagne tonight!

(Yes, the files are all on various 'clouds' now)

What are YOU celebrating?  ...I do hope it's nothing stupid.  Mine was big enough for now.


  1. OMGosh!!! You must've been frantic losing all your manuscripts!!! I worry about that all the time. So glad you were able to retrieve them!!

    1. Thanks, Cathrina. ...And I KNEW better and had, heaven help me, been lecturing people about the importance of backing things up! My head has been banged against my desk twice now. But all is most well. *whew!*

  2. I'll take a look at Jerry's book. Thanks for posting about it.

  3. It's horrible to lose MS's. Glad to hear you got them back!

  4. Finding prodigal manuscripts is certainly worthy of celebration. So glad you got them back.

  5. Glad to hear you got your work back. I recently broke a flash drive of mine as well, but fortunately, I had recently saved everything elsewhere. Whew!

  6. Congrats to Jerrie! And glad to hear you were able to find your manuscripts again--talk about a close call!

  7. Ooooo, I love a good sequel. Have a great week!

  8. What a frightening experience! I'm paranoid about losing my manuscript files and keep multiple flash drive copies. I even have one at my parents' house in case, Heaven forbid, my house ever caught fire. I'm glad you were able to get them back. Congratulations to Jerrie! Sounds like something I should check out.